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Your new one-stop hot-spot for original productions, professional voice casting, and practical VO career advice!

A voice can say more about your product than what's actually being said, and here at No Studio In Particular we pride ourselves on championing the talents of voice artists all over the world to provide top-quality professional services and original content.


No Studio In Particular was founded with a single core ethos: if something's going to be done, it should be done right and done with purpose.

From the very beginning, it's remained our goal to offer the best and only the best, from producing and supporting the production of independent projects from concept to console; matching voice talent to role with minimal stress and maximum success; and creating original content to make you laugh, cry, and challenge your own beliefs.

By including voice-over to your project or title, you add a layer of character and personality that raises your creation to greater heights of success, be it commercials, narration, or character acting. That's where we come in.

At No Studio In Particular, we explain the terms and expectatons, identify your requirements, assess your budget, and find the best professional talent while making sure the process is cohesive, easy and pleasant for all involved.

But too many producers and creators don't know where to start when casting professional voice talent to bring their ideas to life, or how to manage and maintain decent working conditions. Like working with any freelance talent, working with voice actors requires transparency, diplomacy and respect.

At NSIP, we don't just manage your voice-over - we manage you.

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We take a personal approach to professional work, delivering action with attitude.

Our productions are handled with care.

Our casting is guaranteed to satisfy.

Our content is bound to entertain.

Our inbox is open.

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